Roof Repair

Choosing the right contractor to install your new roof or just to fix up the one you already have can be a tricky process, but there are some keys to making the process a bit easier. First, you will want to ensure that the roof repair contractor you are considering is properly licensed; if they are, you can continue with the vetting process­ if not, do not, and I repeat, do not hire them for the job.

If they are licensed they will have previous experience and operate in honest and legal fashions. Next, you should inquire about their job history and contact previous customers. Ask them about their experience, and if they would recommend the contractor’s services and how quickly and honestly they completed the job. If their previous customers tell you about how great the entire process was, then it would be wise to keep that contractor on your list of contractors you are considering.

When discussing the job itself, it is vital that the contractor has insurance policies that cover accidents on the job that protects you from being liable. If they don’t have insurance of any kind, don’t consider them for the project; if they don’t have insurance they could be inexperienced and have a poor track record, so not only could you get sued, but your roof will be inadequately installed. If they have insurance, continue on with the project discussion and ask them about the job itself.

You will want to know how long they expect the job to be, how much the materials will cost, and how many people will be working on the roof. Having a time frame for the job is important so you know they aren’t working slowly in order to charge you more money and knowing the amount of people dedicated to your roof will also help you get an idea for the time frame of the project itself.

Installing a new roof is an expensive, long term investment you need to get right the first time. Beware of any signs showing the inadequacy of a contractor, such as a poor track record or a lack of insurance. It can seem like an overbearing process, but it is one which you will want to complete with care and an eye for the small details. Choose the right contractor, and you will have an investment that adds to the value of your home and one that will have your neighbors gossiping about how great your new roof is.