Month: October 2015

The Best New Hookup App

Let’s not beat around the bush – everyone wants to hook up, the problem is, finding a local buddy to hookup with isn’t always that simple.  First of all, it’s always challenging to figure out if that special someone who you are interested in, is in fact interested in you.  The hookup app tinder largely solved this problem by making it possible for members to swipe left or right – and match users who mutually like (swiped right) on each other.   Tinder revolutionized mobile dating, by removing the fear of rejection completely.

However, many professionals and serious adults don’t want to join Tinder because of the context, it’s a casual hook up app.  Professionals are hesitant to send a message that they’re on the prowl for love, friendship, and more because it can set, well, a bit of a sleazy and desperate tone.  That’s where the next generation tinder’s come into play, like the new app Absolute Hookup which is strictly for serious professionals not looking to get involved in the sketchy world of Tinder.

Absolute Hookup offers professionals on the go an easy way to find hookups, new friends, and even romance in what ever city they’re in.  The best thing of all, unlike most dating and hookup apps, Absolute doesn’t make you have a Facebook profile to join.  That’s right, all you need is a valid email address to get started.  Absolute hookup makes it effortless to find someone you’re interested in where ever you may be in the world.  With over 6 million members, and adding over 500,000 new users every month, Absolute Hookup is a must-try