Everyone knows that having a dog in your profile picture makes you more attractive on dating apps, so if the best thing about yourself is your best friend, there’s a dating app where you can proudly show them off.

Created by Holidog, the petsitting service, Twindog is the latest niche dating app for dog lovers! What’s different about this app is that your furry friend is the center of your profile. You are the ‘owner’ and you can meet other owners through twindog, either for playdates for your dog, or dating! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you got a more in-depth profile about someone’s dog, rather than just seeing a picture of it on their Tinder profile, and later having to have a whole conversation surrounding their dog just to get the basic details?

Well, maybe not everyone wants that. But if you’re a real dog lover and enthusiast, these things can be important to you when online dating. Also, if you own a dog, you’d want to know if a potential boyfriend/girlfriend’s dog would get along with yours. People who are extremely attached to their dogs also want to make sure that their partners aren’t just good enough for them, but match their dog too – not your average free dating app.

Even if the idea seems totally idiotic to you, it’s still a fun app with a bunch of cute dogs!

So what’s it look like?

Twindog has the cutest loading screen of a dog running in place while it fetches the app data (get it? haha). Their logo is an equally cute paw print with a heart in the center of it. If you want to sign up for Twindog, you can log in with your Facebook account to make the process easier on yourself, or just use your e-mail address.

You’re basically setting up a profile for your dog. Instead of filling out all the info you would about yourself, you’re doing that for your dog. You can include pictures, their breed, age, and gender. But don’t worry there’s also a section for you, the owner. You can upload a picture of yourself and a short description.

Twindog operates in the same way Tinder does.

To show that you’re interested in a dog to meet yours (or the owner, or both!) you can swipe right, or swipe left if you’re not. If you get a match, and someone else’s dog wants to meet yours, you can message each other and talk about your dogs, or yourselves, and meet up for a playdate!

If you’re a dog lover, move from Tinder to Twindog

This app isn’t for everyone, and most of the time, it’s just people looking to meet other owners for their dog. But usually, you can find people who are open to dating on this app and are interested in more than your dog.

Twindog is something different for dating apps of its kind and is a good way to meet people if you’re new to an area, or just want to meet more dog-owners in your city.


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