Hooking up with someone can be fun. But it’s even better when there is no strings attached. No strings attached means exactly what is sounds like: no feelings, no drama, no mess, no problem. No strings attached hookups offer singles a way to enjoy the benefits of dating, without giving up the freedom of being single.

Needless to say, dating someone with no strings attached is easier said than done. Here are some quick tips to make sure that your casual hookup stays casual and doesn’t add pressure or drama to your life.

Don’t spend the night (if possible). Now, I’m not saying put yourself in a dangerous situation, never walk home alone at night if you’re in a questionable neighborhood – and never drive your car if you’ve had too much to drink. But if you’re sober and life in a safe city, it’s important to wake up in your own bed when having a no strings relationship. Everyone has a life, and they don’t necessarily want to be waking up with you in their bed.

Don’t get jealous or nosey. When dealing with no strings style hookups it’s critical that you avoid getting jealous or nosey. The last thing your partner wants is a crazy jealous or needy friend with benefits. Also important, don’t be overly nosey in your partner’s business, you aren’t their girlfriend or boyfriend, keep that in mind.

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